Reinvention at it's finest.

Nov 18

Nov 15


I don’t think I’ve found anything better on this website

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Nov 1

All I feel is anger and shame. I’m so tired of this. What’s the easiest way to not exist?

Oct 24

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Oct 22

Oct 11

This goes out to the lovely lady that decided that asking my Matt if he would like to “come to her place to talk about things” and then went to the home that he and I shared. I know she’ll never see it but since I mysteriously can not find her facebook this will have to do. First of all: I’m sorry that you feel the need to hang out with other boys that have recently become single because your boyfriend lives in a different state. I feel sorry for you that you need attention like that. Second of all: If you knew my man like you seem to think you do, you would know that he doesn’t like skank whores who cheat on their boyfriends and that if he had known this prior to your “innocent” trip to our house, you would have never been invited. Third of all: Stay far, far away from me and my boy. With all of the shit that we have gone through lately you are only making it worse. I couldn’t care less if you were just talking. Stay the fuck away.
Now, I’m sorry for putting my information on the internet but if this coward of a girl wouldn’t have blocked me, this wouldn’t have to become public knowledge. 

Sep 7

My life will always be lonely without you. I will forever miss you. I was so stupid and I’m sorry. 


my soundtrack this evening.

my soundtrack this evening.

I will either marry this man or it will be the greatest heartbreak I’ve ever known….. Who am I kidding? It’s always heart break. 

final-evolution said: Hey, just wanted to check on you. You haven't been around in a while. Maybe you aren't coming back. I don't know. I hope you're doing well, wherever you are.

I’m baaaaack!

Anonymous said: So, I know this isn't a question, but, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're pretty awesome, I wish we hung out more, and I think you are absolutely fucking gorgeous! Maybe one day I won't be a giner and actually tell you unanonymously.

So, this is funny that I saw this today. I really needed it. It may be late but I think I saw this when I needed too. Thank you so much. You brought my heart back up out of my stomach. 

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Apr 29

I don’t think i’ll ever get over this mood of feeling alone all of the time. I think i’ve just already realized that we all are really, alone. I think I put my trust in that rather than in the fact that someone could actually care. No one ever does…. This is such a self absorbed world that we live in.

Mar 14

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